Tooltrackr is the ideal product for knowing where your portable toolbox containers are located at all time.  Simply install a mobile app on your smartphone and you can at all times retrieve the location of your toolboxes.  The internal battery pack will keep your Tooltrackr operational for months without any recharge.  The combination of different location technologies, GPS, Cell-based and short range RF is used to calculate  for the location in harsh conditions.  The Tooltrackr is hidden inside the toolbox, so it’s not visible from the outside.  The toolbox can be put in secure mode using the mobile phone, preventing theft.  The built-in 3D movement sensor will wake-up the tracker and send an alarm to the user or dispatch center.  Once in alarm mode, the Tooltrackr will keep sending its position until the Tooltrackr has been retrieved.   Tooltrackr is also capable of monitoring usage of the toolbox.  Before using the toobox, the user simply uses his mobile phone to put the tooltrackr in safe mode.  From this moment the Tooltrackr will monitor who is using the tools and how long it is used. After working with the toolbox, the user simply logs out and the system is armed again.