Asset management

In heavy equipment management, you want to keep an eye on the whereabouts and conditions of your assets at all times.  The spytrackr asset tracker in combination with the spytrack server allows you to know in real-time where all assets are located and how they are performing going from small toolboxes to large escavator and cranes.  The spytrackr asset tracker is a ruggedized IP67 asset tracking device which is easy to install without any external connectivity. The internal battery pack allows operation for months without recharging due to the extreme low power consumption and intelligent power management. The high performance localisation engine inside allows tracking at the most extreme conditions.  In combination with the spytrackr wireless sensors, the solution is able to record other parameters like total engine hours, doors open or closed, lights on/off, temperature, etc.  The built-in 3D movement sensor is able to detect unauthorized movement so that in case of a theft, an alarm is generated.