DIDb Terminal

DIDb Terminal is a dedicated, independent computer configuration designed exclusively to run DIDb software and system. It represents the most secure way for taking DIDb database services for DIDb users. Rental of DIDb Terminal is mainly recommended for those manufacturers and forwarders having hundreds of high-value cargos for transportation monthly, for whom the level of secure operation as well as prompt technical assistance and support has an especially important role. Monthly rental fee includes the continuous remote control of the devices, as well as technical assistance and support in 0-24 hours, so trouble shooting of all problems reported by the Client shall be started by the IT staff of service provider within 4 hours. Thanks to these value added IT services, the availability as well as hours of operation can be increased to maximum level.

Dedicated, independent workstation

DIDb Terminal is a dedicated, independent computer configuration designed exclusively to run DIDb software and DIDb system. It is strictly limited to use this workstation for the operation of DIDb system’s functions such as driver identification, online status check, transport dispatch and incident reporting. Any other type of applications are forbidden and banned to use on the DIDb Terminal.

Technical assistance and

Monthly rental fee of DIDb Terminal includes the installation of all devices, as well as professional technical assistance and support which means that service provider is liable for shooting any trouble within 4 hours on each day, 0-24 hours / 365 days. Manners for technical assistance and support could be: help desk through mail/skype/phone, remote control or field-work in case of necessity.

High-level of

DIDb Terminal is a professional PC configuration, designed to run DIDb system on a high-level of secure among high powered circumstances. DIDb Terminal – thanks to Linux operational system running on it – is highly resistant against computational viruses, so the chance for any breakdowns is much lower than at ordinary PCs and notebooks.

Official DIDb certificate trademark

Clients using DIDb system have the right to mark the official certification trademark ’Member of Trustporters’ on their own webpage or put on their other communication tools. They can confirm that they are members of a group, whose primary aim is to achieve safer good transportation.