DIDb Light

DIDb Terminal is a dedicated, independent computer configuration designed exclusively to run DIDb software and system. It represents the most secure way for taking DIDb database services for DIDb users. Rental of DIDb Terminal is mainly recommended for those manufacturers and forwarders having hundreds of high-value cargos for transportation monthly, for whom the level of secure operation as well as prompt technical assistance and support has an especially important role. Monthly rental fee includes the continuous remote control of the devices, as well as technical assistance and support in 0-24 hours, so trouble shooting of all problems reported by the Client shall be started by the IT staff of service provider within 4 hours. Thanks to these value added IT services, the availability as well as hours of operation can be increased to maximum level.


The operational costs of DIDb Light are more favorable than those of DIDb Terminal, since there is no need to pay monthly rental fee for that device. For using DIDb system and making DIDb card checks, the only device is a DIDb card reader for that one-time payment of 270 € will be charged to the Client.


The client’s transaction balance will be charged after contracting. Therefore the balance will be debited right after the DIDb card checking begins.


By taking the database services of DIDb Light, Client can enjoy the benefits of DIDb system on its own computer, without the monthly rental of DIDb Terminal. Moreover, all training and educational documents as well as rules and manuals connected to DIDb system can be downloaded electronically. It is important to highlight that the level of technical assistance is also simplified at DIDb Light compared to DIDb Terminal.


Those clients who are using DIDb system have the right to mark the official certification trademark ’Member of Trustporters’ on their own webpage or put on their other communication tools. They can confirm that they are members of a group, whose primary aim is to achieve safer good transportation.