DIDb – Driver Identification Database

The Driver Identification Database (DIDb) is a cross-border quality assurance system for drivers (as members) and for companies (as users) having transported assets in the supply chain. The system objectively, but rigidly screens the drivers during the registration process and prior accessing membership to the database.

DIDb is an online database to record the most important personal data of the drivers who have successfully completed the process of registration and to assure continual qualification of their work. Admission of the driver applying for DIDb membership on a voluntary basis is mandatorily subjected to a security and compliance process in the course of registration. In case of a successful registration driver enters into the DIDb system and gets the DIDb card indicating his/her name to verify DIDb membership or to facilitate his/her identification at users of DIDb system. In addition to personal data required for fault-proof identification, individual performance is also recorded in the database, allowing users to check the driver’s identity before handing over the goods for transportation, also to learn the qualification on the performed assignments so far, as well as the place and time of the DIDb-recorded carriages assigned to the driver in the past 72 hours. DIDb basically focuses on reliable drivers who are competent to transport high-value goods, supports their work and facilitates safe transportation.

The cross-border service of the DIDb system is operated in an online environment, which means that all events (driver identification queries, transport assignment records, driver suspension or ban) are immediately available in the system, ensuring continuous control over DIDb drivers, at the same time providing up-to-date status reports on them.

The system works on the principle of zero tolerance, which means the exclusion of a DIDb member shall be final and irrevocable.
The main objective of the DIDb system is to provide users with up-to-date database services by reliable identification of the drivers and continuous qualification of their work; to reduce number of abuses and criminal actions related to transportation by enhancing transportation security; to minimise stock loss deriving from the above actions and help to avoid the increasing and constant threats presented by criminal gangs specialised in transportation.
DIDb represents the white list of reliable and well-qualified drivers.