ECIS is a specialist in applying metrics and technology in critical operational environments

Asset management

ECIS provides telemetry solutions for monitoring and managing assets. Assets can be anything ranging from vehicles, goods, trains, containers, boats, machines, tools, equipment, persons, animals, etc Depending on the type of asset the system can monitor external parameters. The information is collected using sensors and gateways. ECIS has a broad range of wireless sensors which are able to collect the information. Once the information is collected, either by the ECIS wireless sensors or the already present sensors on the asset, the information is transmitted to a central server using the ECIS gateway.

Transport Solutions

ECIS builds smart solutions for transport operators in the domain of transport & logistics, public transportation and railway. Better resource utilization implies lower operational costs and improved profit margins for transport operators. To maximize the efficiency of the fleet, through better coordination, goods consolidation and route optimization, access to detailed, accurate and real-time information is crucial. ECIS monitoring products provide access to this information enabling traceability of goods, proof of delivery in the logistics world, but also for passenger counting, electronic fare collection, bus route planning in the public transport sector.

Security Solutions

In a world where security challenges and technologies are constantly changing and growing, ECIS & partners recognize the need for a provider that focuses on the needs of integrators and 3rd party providers, and can be trusted to design and deliver the solution best suited to the specific needs of their end customers. We understand that a Security solution is something that your customer has to live with every day, and commit to providing deployments that can and do become an integral and invisible part of the resources you wish to protect.

About Us

 With a heritage in the area of geodetic reference systems and remote sensing technologies it’s our ambition to contribute to society and the success of our clients. These clients primarily come from the high-tech segment, industry and the public sector (transport& Logistics, infrastructure, Rail, auto motive, aviation & aerospace industry, Sports& Events). Our added value is most effectively utilised by companies for which the environment, operational reliability, optimizing business processes and innovation are essential (key focus points). It’s our ambition to help business to seriously reduce their operational costs or optimizing their business processes. We consider it our duty – where there are threats of serious irreversible damage that may increase the level of risk to people or society – to explore the availability and feasibility of technical alternatives.
  • Independent, system integrator
  • Own hardware and Software development so complete end-to end solutions
  • International operating
  • Monitoring the latest international trends of new technology
  • Total solution company with products and a project-organization
  • Flexible and fast anticipating
  • Custom to deal with Governmental Organizations
  • Working on long term relationships with our customers (no hit and run policies)
  • Acting like producer and / or assembly for the end user
  • 24/7 support organization with OTRS and ITIL standard